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Now you can discover how all of the most stunning street magic tricks are done in this awesome master manual of illusions. We reveal all of the most amazing tricks as performed by David Blaine in his video specials. From the simplest card tricks to the weirdest illusions, this eBook covers the lot.

Armed with the knowledge in this one eBook, you'll have the ability to make the impossible happen, anytime, anywhere, and in front of anyone! Before long, your friends will start to see you as a miracle worker! You'll be able to amaze anyone at anytime with an incredible array of illusions. You can make people think you're psychic. You can liven up parties and gain respect from everyone. Plus, you can win bets and make money performing in the street, bars, restaurants and at private parties!

Here's a taste of what you're about to learn in this awesome new eBook. . . Many of these illusions have been performed by magicians like David Blaine, Paul Xenon, Derren Brown and David Copperfield... and they can all be performed just as easily by YOU!

Self Levitation - This amazing illusion was recently revived by David Blaine, but it is in fact an old trick known as the Balducci levitation. Anyone can use it to levitate just like David Blaine when he appears to hover several inches off the ground. This levitation trick doesn't require any special gimmicks. You'll be able to do it in almost any location, wearing your normal shoes, and without any props at all.

Two Card Monte - Two aces held in the spectators hand change into two queens.

The Matrix - Four coins are placed under four cards, one coin under each card. The coins one by one jump to under a single card.

Ambitious Card - A selected, signed card, repeatedly comes back to the top after being placed in the middle of the deck.

Ashes/Blood on Hand - Ashes or blood rubbed on your hand magically appear on the spectators hand. David Blaine has performed this stunning trick magnificently in his video specials, and so can you.

Bird Resurrection - Another David Blaine classic. You take a dead bird in a park, and miraculously bring it back to life in front of a crowd of stunned spectators!

Bitten and Restored Quarter/10p - Borrow a US quarter from someone (or a UK 10p coin), and then take a bite out it. Everyone can clearly see that a chunk of the coin is missing. You then blow on the coin and it is visually restored!

Between the Aces - A selected and signed card magically appears between the two aces that someone else had been holding the entire time.

Card from the Mouth - The spectator chooses a card and signs it, and then puts it back in the deck. You start to cough and the card comes out of your mouth, with the signature on it!

Card in Basketball - A selected card ends up in a basketball that has been there the whole time. Just like David Blaine, you can do this one using other items as well as basketballs.

Card in Bottle - The spectator chooses a card and signs it, and then puts it back in the deck. The cards are shuffled and then thrown all over the place. The card with the signature still on it is trapped immaculately inside a narrow-necked beer bottle.

Card in Pocket - A card is selected, lost in the deck, and is revealed in the spectator's pocket. The reaction to this is unbelievable!!!

Card Through Window - A card is selected and then put back in the deck. The deck is thrown against a window and the chosen card appears stuck on the other side of the glass! David Blaine has had spectators in a state of bewilderment with this one!

Card Transposition - A card in the magician's hand and a card in the spectator's hand change place!

Cigarette Through Coin - Borrow a quarter (or 10p piece), and borrow a cigarette. Then, right under the spectators noses, you push the cigarette through the center of the coin. Let the effect sink in, then pull the cigarette back out.

Coffee into Coins - You take a cup filled with coffee and slowly and visually transform the coffee into coins. This one can really freak some people out!

Coin Vanish Tricks - You will learn how to make coins visually vanish right in front of your spectators eyes!

Floating Dollar -This is one of David Blaine's simplest but most effective tricks. Borrow a dollar from someone and then place it in their hands. The dollar will then slowly rise off their hand and dance around. It lands back in their hand, and can then be examined by spectators.

Fly Resurrection - You bring a dead fly back to life while it's in the spectators hand!

Headless Chicken - Take a live chicken and disconnect its head from his body, then put it back on and the chicken is normal.

Invisible Prediction - You ask someone to name any card. And then you take out a deck and look through it to find only one face down card. The face down card is the card the person thought of. This effect is a killer! One of my personal favorites, and it's really easy!!

Mind Reading - A spectator is asked to think of any card out of the 52 cards. You then slowly reveal the card by reading their minds!

Rising Card - A card is selected at random and then put back into the deck and the deck is put back into the box. While the spectator is holding it, the card slowly rises out of the deck. NEW! Now you can do this with a borrowed deck!!

Ring in Bottle - You take someone’s ring and appear to lose it. It then appears in a bottle a block away that needs to be broken to take the ring out. Prepare to freak people out with this one!

String From Stomach - Borrow a single thread from someone’s clothes and swallow it, you then slowly pull it out of your stomach. You can even see the skin on your stomach pulling!

Card Tattoo -The spectator selects a card from any deck. Their chosen card appears tattooed on your body! (Great trick for the ladies!)

Think of a Number - The spectator just thinks of a number and you are able to guess the number they are freely thinking of!

Names in Ashes - You ask someone to write a name of someone close to them on a piece of paper, and then fold it up. You then take the paper and light it on fire while hitting the paper against your arm. The name they thought of will be written in ashes on your arm.

Torn and Restored Card - Card is chosen and ripped then restored back to its normal state!

Twisting Arm Illusion - You are able to twist your arm around a full 360 degrees. A crack is heard and your skin around your arm appears to be twisted!

Two Deck Prediction - There are two decks. You choose a prediction card and place it on top of the first deck. The spectator selects a card without looking at it and it is shown to be the same as your prediction!

Water From Leaf - You show a leaf completely normal. You wrap it into a cylinder and suddenly pour water out! You unwrap the leaf and hand it out for examination.

Pull a Tax Disc Through a Car Window! - This is an awesome trick that never fails to impress an audience. You invite someone to stand next to a parked car to check that the tax disk is indeed on the inside of the window. Then you put your hand over the part of the windscreen where the tax disk is displayed, and then you appear to pull the tax disk through the solid glass.

Change the time on a spectators watch! - This is another mind-bending trick that will put an expression of awe and wonder on the faces of spectators.

Read a spectator's mind - You ask someone to write down the name of any card on any peice of paper... you magically announce which card they wrote!

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